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.Enjoy Food from Russia


Russian cooking is marvelous .Here is some of the great russian dishes for you .These recipes you can try it in your kitchen .

Traditional Russian foods vary as greatly as the climatic zones through which the country stretches .Many basic recipes are similar in remotely situated areas ,but each has its own local variation .

Russian cooking has also been influenced by the design of the Russian oven .This rectangular ,box shaped structure made of brick and mortar was usually about half the height of the ceiling and occupied about a quarter of the kitchen space .

Since the old Russian village consisted of thathed huts,all fires had to be out and dampers closed by sunrise .Thus the oven served as a sort of thermos jug where in summer meals are kept hot from 4 or 5 am till evening and some times till the following day .The food acquired a peculia sapid flavour .

Russian cookery today also abounds in new recipes that are in keeping with contemporary concepts of food and advanced kitchen facilities .

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