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Ukrainian Dumplings (Galushki)


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Ukrainian Dumplings (Galushki) - Russian Cereals & Puddings Recipe

How to Cook & Prepare Ukrainian Dumplings (Galushki):

2 ½ cupsful flour 100 g butter or boiled
2 eggs butter
½ cupful water 1 tsp salt (scant)
1/2cupful sour cream 2 tblsps melted butter

Sift the flour. Beat the eggs, add the salt and combine with water and melted butter. Work this mixture into the flour and knead to a smooth elastic dough. Roll out till ½ cm thick and cut into any desired shape. Lay the galushki in boiling salt water and cook at boiling point for 10 minutes. When the galushki rise to the top they are done. Remove them with a skimmer. After draining thoroughly in a colander or strainer, brown in melted butter in a casserole or frying pan. Serve hot with sour cream poured over. Pork fat or salt pork may be substituted for butter. Dice the pork finely and render; pour over the galushki together with the cracklings.

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