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Russain Appetizer's Preparation

Russian Salads

Russian Fish Recipies
Cold Meat

A goodly number of “cold zakuski” can be obtained ready-to-serve; these include ham, roast beef, pork and veal, roast poultry and wildfowl. There is a large assortment of boiled, smoked and semi-smoked sausage liver sausage and paste. These can all be used in making up combination meat platters garnished with fresh, pickled or spiced fruits and vegetables.

Given below are recipes of favourite appetizers that may be made at home.

Sauces and salad Dressing

Numerous commercial derivatives of mayonnaise and tomato sauce are available. The tomato sauces include Yuzhny, Ostry, Kubansky and Lyubitelsky. With these, numerous derivative sauces can be made at home.

Hot snacks

These may be briefly defined as miniature main course dishes minus the garnishing. They may consist of meat or fish, mushrooms in sour cream pirozhki pirogi, kulebyaki or rasstegay with almost any kind of filling, and numerous other savouries.



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