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Pirozhki, Pirogi, Kulebyaki

Pirozhki are small closed pies, patties or turnovers of various shapes usually made of straight dough, flaky paste or a shortcake dough; they may be baked or deep fired. Ordinarily they weigh 75-80 g, and about 50 g if served with soup.

Pirogi may be briefly described as large sized pirozhki. However, pirogi are made with either straight or sponge dough. They may be closed, covered with a lattice or open.

Kulebyaki resemble pirogi but contain more filling and less dough.

Any of these may be served as a soup accompaniment, zakuski or main dishes. Their place in the menu is determined by the filling. Pirozhki, pirogi and kulebyaki have their counterparts in many countries but they can hardly compare with Russian cookey as regards variety of filling, shape, sixe and manner of cooking.

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