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Meat is one of the most nourishing foods. It contains complete proteins, fats and extractives that help digestion. When meat is boiled it loses about 40% of its weight. The weight loss due to frying or roasting is 35-38%. In other words, one kilogram of raw meat will yield 620-650 grams of roast or fried meat.

The wide variety of packaged and ready to cook meat products available in the shops are great time savers and should be taken advantage of.

Beef, pork, mutton and lamb may be obtained in the form of crumbed or plain steaks, chops, escalope forcemeat, various types of cutlets and marinated meat for shashlyk
The variety of canned meat is even greater for it includes venison and the sundries and organs such as kidneys, brains and liver which can all be used in various ways.

Boiled Meat

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Grilled, Fried and Roast Meat


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