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Potato Patties with Mushroom Filling


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Russian Cooking Recipes > Vegetarian > Potato Patties with Mushroom Filling

Potato Patties with Mushroom Filling - Russian Vegetarian Recipe

How to Cook & Prepare Potato Patties with Mushroom Filling:

1 kg potatoes crumbs
100 g dried mushrooms 4 tblsps butter
2 onions sour cream or tomato
2 eggs puree
½ cupful bread salt, pepper

Pare the potatoes, boil till tender and drain thoroughly. Mash the potatoes while hot. Add 1 tblsp butter and the egg yolks. Mix thoroughly. Mould into flat cakes. Put the filling on each cake, fold over, shape into a half moon and press the edges together. Brush with egg and dust with bread crumbs. Fry in hot butter. In a sauceboat pass sauce made with the mushroom liquor adding sour cream or tomato puree. These patties may be made with any vegetable filling.

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