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Potatoes Stuffed with Meat


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Russian Cooking Recipes > Vegetarian > Potatoes Stuffed with Meat

Potatoes Stuffed with Meat - Russian Vegetarian Recipe

How to Cook & Prepare Potatoes Stuffed with Meat:

Choose 1 kg large potatoes. Wash and cook in salt water until half done. Peel the potatoes, slice off one side and scoop out the inside. Mince 300 g meat together with the potato hearts. Combine with one raw egg and add minced dill. Season with salt and ground allspice. Mix thoroughly. Fill the hollowed potatoes with this stuffing and cover with the slices that have been cut off. Pack the potatoes tightly in a saucepan, pour in stock or water and braise until done. Thicken with tomato paste, flour and sour cream rubbed together

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