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Stuffed Cabbage


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Stuffed Cabbage - Russian Vegetarian Recipe

How to Cook & Prepare Stuffed Cabbage:

1 medium-sized head 1 cupful sour cream
cabbage 3 tblsps butter
500 g meat (boned) salt
125 g white bread stock
¾ cupful milk

Discard unsuitable cabbage leaves and cut out the runt. Parboil in salt water until the leaves no longer break; drain in a colander. After the cabbage cools, spread out the leaves, sprinkle with salt and press the stuffing between the leaves. Gather up the leves, reshape into a head (tie if necessary) and place on a baking dish. Pour over butter and meat stock (or water). Bake for 45 minutes. Pour sour cream over the cabbage and bake for another 15 to 20 minutes. Transfer the head of cabbage to a platter, cut it and pour over strained pan juices.


Put the meat through the food chopper. Mix with the bread which has been soaked in milk and squeezed dry; put through the food chopper again. Add melted butter and seasoning; mix thoroughly.

Cabbage Stuffed with Rice and Mushrooms

In the above recipe, substitute rice and mushrooms stuffing to which 2 beaten eggs have been added.

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