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Turnip Stuffed with Mannacroup


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Russian Cooking Recipes > Vegetarian > Turnip Stuffed with Mannacroup

Turnip Stuffed with Mannacroup - Russian Vegetarian Recipe

How to Cook & Prepare Turnip Stuffed with Mannacroup:

10 turnips (average 1 tblsp sugar
size) 25 g cheese
¼ cupful mannacroup 3 tblsps butter
1 cupful milk salt

Peel and wash the turnips, pour over hot water and cook until half done. Scoop out and cook the hearts until soft. Press them through a strainer and mix with the mannacroup which ahs been cooked in milk. Season with sugar, salt and butter. Fill the turnips with this stuffing, place them in a buttered baking dish, brush with butter, sprinkle with grated cheese and bake for 20 to 25 minutes.
Turnips may also be filled with meat stuffing.

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